Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Most Important Grilling Tool: Common Sense

Some excellent advice for the outdoor griller:
  • Grill outside - carbon monoxide is bad for your health
  • Find what you need to light the fire before turning on the gas
  • If your LP gas cylinder doesn't have an OPD (Overfilling Prevention Device), get a new cylinder
  • If your LP gas cylinder is dented, rusty, or cracked, get a new cylinder
  • When you're through grilling, shut the LP gas cylinder's valve
    (Don't overdo it: apply as much pressure as you would with a water faucet)
  • Don't overfill: if the cylinder is rated as a 20 pound cylinder, it holds 20 pouds
  • When lighting the grill, leave the top open - that prevents gas buildup and 'flash' that can be dramatic but unpleasant
So far, I've given common sense safety tips. Now, in the spirit of stupid safety signs, here is advice for those who need warnings like "Caution! Coffee May Be Hot!" on their coffee cups.
  • Do not hold your face over the grill when lighting the fire
  • Do not sit on a lighted grill
  • Do not use a filled LP gas cylinder as a beach ball
  • Do not attempt to use an LP gas cylinder as a cigarette lighter
  • Do not use an LP gas cylinder as a bug bomb
  • Do not use liquid propane as a cleaning agent
  • Remember: a spatula is not a dental hygiene tool
Seriously, be sensible, treat LP gas with respect, and have fun grilling.

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