Sunday, September 13, 2009

Special Occasions, Outdoor Grilling, and This Household

I get the impression, reading about people and grilling, that it's a special-occasions event. It works that way in my household, sometimes. But not as a rule.

Now that I've recovered from 2007, when my body was in for maintenance and repairs, I expect I'll be back to my routine of year-round weekend grilling. Trying to light the grill in a blizzard generally doesn't work, and my wife won't let me grill during a tornado warning: but otherwise when it's Saturday or Sunday noon, I'm out there, grilling.

Except for some special occasions.

Like last weekend, when my second-oldest daughter got married; or this weekend, when I was up in the Red River Valley of the North, with the rest of the family, seeing my father for what may be the last time. More about that in my personal blog.

Next weekend, though, there's nothing scheduled - as far as I know - so I hope to be back at the grill next Saturdayl

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