Sunday, September 9, 2007

Another Day, Another Burger

Several of them, actually. Not much to report, except that when today's burgers were done, they were more done than yesterday's.

Our #1 daughter, our son, and our neighbor were out at one point or another during the process. I suppose it would unseemly to blame them for distracting me.

Nice, simple burgers are nice, but I'm looking forward to trying something exotic, like last Monday's shish kebabs. "Exotic" being a relative term, of course.


Brigid said...

I assume you meant "it would be unseemly to ..."


Nice briquette-burgers, by the way.

techfun said...

What kind of ground meat do you buy for your burgers? I am a big fan of Bubba Burgers frozen patties for grilling.

I buy 25lbs of ground grass fed beef from a local farmer every few months. That beef, being grass fed and not feedlot fattened, is so lean I can't get it to come out right on the grill.

A recent suggestion by the farmer's wife was to mix in frozen chopped onions right before griling. The onions will release moisture as it cooks and keep the beef moist.

Ever tried anything like that?

Brian, aka Nanoc, aka Norski said...


Thanks for the detail - and that grilling method.

Sounds like a good idea. A bit off-diet for my household, but I'd probably like it.

And, no: I haven't tried anything quite like that.

I did, once or twice, put snow in the grill after the fire was running hot, to moisturize dry meat. (Living in Minnesota, I get quite a few opportunities for that sort of thing.)