Monday, June 29, 2009

Grillings Just an American Thing, Right? Wrong!

I found out about a new-to-me show today: Licence To Grill, or LTG, hosted by Robert Rainford. It's on the Food Network Canada - and, since 2007, in Malaysia on the Asian Food Channel. LTG is available in Manilla, too: and probably elsewhere in that part of the world. (The URL for Asian Food Channel is - their pages weren't loading this evening, here in central North America, so you may need to be very patient.)

I suppose the basics of grilling - putting food over an open fire or hot coals until it's 'done' - show up in some form in every culture.

What I hadn't realized was that there was enough interest in the sort of grilling I'm familiar with, sticking a disk of ground meat or a flattish slice of meat on a rack over a fire, would be all that interesting to people on the other side of the pacific.

Food Network Canada says that "...Rainford demonstrates the how's and why's of perfect grilling...." Me? I settle for re-learning how not to burn the burgers after each transition from winter to summer and back again. I do appreciate Rainford's willingness to show how to grill relatively simple fare like burgers, steaks, and kebabs.

Speaking of kebabs: My oldest daughter gave me a set of skewers for Father's Day, so it's only a matter of time before I try my hand at kebabing - or whatever it's called - again. I haven't done that since September of 2007.

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