Saturday, August 4, 2007

Grilling Saturday's Lunch: a Fine Experience

One of these times, I'll discuss the more 'practical' side of grilling.

Today's post is about the experience of grilling.

The weekend, at last!

I'd grill every day of the week, but my wife seems to think the family should have a varied diet. She's probably right.

The montage shows the process of grilling today's lunch.

Starting with a few frozen slabs of chopped meat on the grill, the photos show the slow steps which begin a grilling session. At first there seems to be no change at all as, lid lowered to hold heat, I wait for some visible change. At last, quick inspections show juices rising out of the nascent burgers.

The tempo picks up as a fiery metamorphosis overwhelms the meat. Flipping the burgers to ensure even grilling, I add the hot dog.

Finally, the burgers and the lone hot dog are ready. Time to eat!

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