Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Magazine About Grilling: Well, What do You Know?

It's a good thing that everybody's not like me.

For one thing, Grilling™ magazine wouldn't have any subscribers. Their website describes Grilling™ as "Your Outdoor Grilling, Barbecue and Outdoor Cooking Information Source!"

Exclamation mark and all.

The magazine and its website look like a pretty good resource: if you're looking for grilling and barbecue recipes, "The latest Grilling, Barbecue and Outdoor Cooking and Grilling events," stuff to buy, and where to buy it.

Me? My next major purchase will probably be a new spatula. The one I've been using since my first grill is on its last legs. Last rivets, actually. But that's about all I'm thinking about, when it comes to cutting-edge grilling technology.

Recipes? I appreciated the sort of results that people can get from making grilling a complex process.

But I'd rather put meat on the grill, flip in at intervals, and enjoy being outside.


Jill C said...

Thanks for sharing this resource, although when I go to the site it seems unfinished? I could not even sign up for the newsletter? Would love to see them enhance the usability and experience of the site!

Brian, aka Nanoc, aka Norski said...

Jill C,

My pleasure. And, thanks for sharing your experience.

I didn't explore the site - or test it for usability.

Corporate websites haven't always been designed or maintained intelligently. The clueless manager in the Dilbert comic strip isn't, sadly, all that fictional.

But that's a topic for another blog. Like Starting a Small Business Without Losing My Mind. (A bit of shameless self-promotion there!)