Sunday, February 14, 2010

Wind, Weather, and the Winter Griller

Today, I grilled again: I'm getting over the (cold?) that's been bugging me for weeks. And #3 daughter shoveled out the grill.

Thanks to wind - and a miscalculation on my part about how the gas would eddy - it took almost a half-dozen matches to light the grill.

The results were quite satisfactory, though: I'm re-learning how to not incinerate burgers in winter. Temperatures around zero, Fahrenheit, make winter grilling a different matter. Then there's the wind. On a calm day, hot air tends to stay inside the grill. Today, not so much.

But the results? There's a very real difference in taste, between burgers that have been grilled and ones that were cooked on a stove top.

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