Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thanksgiving Next Week

This weekend's grilling went better than last, in a way. A week ago yesterday, the grill's flames reached out and touched someone: me. There's more over at "Through One Dad's Eye."

I see that I've been neglecting this blog. Time to stop that.

This weekend was a sort of milestone in this year's grilling. We had cat-track snow very early yesterday. Most of it was gone by noon, apart from diehard patches on the north side of things.

That patch of snow on the grill didn't cause any problems, but the wind did.

I used up almost a half-dozen matches, getting the fire going. Then, I noticed flames getting blown out the bottom of the grill. That got my attention, because I was downwind of the fire. I don't thing that the grill is out to get me, but there does seem to be a pattern here.

My wife said that we may need a new grill. She could be right.

Today's grilling went better, in a way. I didn't need to defend myself against the grill, but the burgers came about a bit more well-done than I intended.