Saturday, May 29, 2010

Easy Griller: Five Years Online

I launched the Easy Griller website five years ago, on Memorial Day weekend.

Back then, it was a sort of micro-site, sharing a domain with my 'flagship' website, Brendan's Island. It's changed in the last half-decade:

Friday, May 28, 2010

Gas Meter Moved, Website Updated: That's Progress!

Two more-or-less-unrelated things happened today.
  • A crew from our gas utility came, moving our gas meter and re-routing the gas line
  • I updated the Easy Griller website
Both of those events have something to do with grilling: and both are long-overdue.

Back in March, I assumed that our gas utility would take care of finding the utility lines and spray-painting our yard. It's that 'call before you drill' thing that's mandated here in Minnesota.

Time passed. About a month later, we started asking questions. Turns out, a supervisor at the utility hadn't been letting work orders leave his desk. I had a nice chat with one of about 10 guys who were out in our part of Minnesota, sorting out the mess that supervisor had left. As the fellow I talked to said, 'he isn't working with the company any more.'

The good news is that the - ah, relaxed? - supervisor apparently hadn't destroyed any work orders. He'd just left them at his desk.

So, we had spray paint on our grass. I waited for the crew to come out and do the digging it'd take to relocate the gas meter.

I should be pretty good at waiting by now: I've had a lot of practice this year.

Another phone call. I explained that the original coat of paint was disappearing as the grass grew - and that they'd need to come out for a second coat. Oh, yeah - about moving the gas meter?

Another fellow came, touched up the original lines and added a few more (May 25, 2010) - and yesterday a couple young men came with shovels, a DitchWitch, and assorted other tools.

I get the impression that some homeowners they've been talking with aren't as friendly as I was. Me? I'm delighted to see that the utility is following through on this project.

If all goes well, work on the new patio will start next Tuesday.

I'm looking forward to that.