Saturday, April 3, 2010

False Alarm

The flatbed I saw, getting ready to unload, is delivering supplies to our neighbor across the street, north.

Frost is out of the ground by now, for the most part, so it's time to get outdoor work done. The joke around here is that Minnesota has four seasons: Fall, Winter, Spring and Road Work.

March Winds: in April

It's been two weeks, about, since I spent a nearly-sleepless weekend getting tax-related reports ready. For some reason, it takes me longer to bounce back from that sort of thing now, than it did when I was in college. In the early seventies.

Since the last post, I've gotten a new spatula. Not the $4.29 Char Broil model I mentioned before. I went a little more upscale and got one at Fleet Supply: a solid number by Grill Zone that set me back a little over $5.00 USD, after tax.

I think it was worth the extra expense: the spatula blade and core of the handle are a single piece of stainless steel, with hardwood bolted on the handle to give insulation and a better grip. It should last a while.

I grilled burgers again this weekend. There was so much wind that I had to get a sort of tiny bonfire of matches going before the LP gas would light. And that was with #1 daughter holding the sandbox cover up to provide a wind break.

The burgers were a little over-done, but I think I'm handling the transition to summer grilling pretty well. And learning when to keep 'enough' from becoming 'goo much.'

Oh, boy: I think material for the patio is being delivered.