Thursday, December 17, 2009

Grilled Ribs? Okay: That Could Work

Christmas, New Years, and an assortment of other holidays are coming up: and that means special food. Generally in larger-than-usual quantities.

For the Easy Griller, 'fancy grilling' generally doesn't go much beyond steak and baked potatoes instead of burgers. But don't let that stand in the way of complicating your grilling life.

I ran into this recipe, which looks promising:

"Holiday Recipes & Great Grill Cooking Classics"

"There are many barbeque grill Holiday Recipes for just about every major holiday. Some are classic meats that work well on the bbq grill or smoker.

"Prime rib for Christmas Day or turkey for Thanksgiving are two that come to mind.

"What would be nice is to have a collection of recipes for the holidays that can be turned to time and time again for each major and maybe not-so-major holiday...."

What they've got, so far, is a recipe for BBQ Ribs: "...Buy one rack of ribs for every two adults. Marinade ribs in worcestershire sauce, pepper, season salt and garlic...."

One rack of ribs for every two adults? I'd have the thought it would be the other way around. But then, Texas racks of ribs may be bigger than we have here in Minnesota. And, you should remember that I've lived in and near agricultural communities most of my life. Farmers' appetites tend to be on the hearty side.

One more thing, with a disclaimer. I Haven't tried out any of the (no doubt excellent) advice I found on

"Preparing the Rack - Barbecue Ribs on a Gas Grill"
2 of 7 pages of grilling advice on

It's funny: I've grilled burgers, steak, chicken, potatoes, and corn cobs. But not ribs. I've never seen that as a deficit in my life's experience - and still don't - but now I'm wondering what grilled ribs would taste like.

Like grilled steak, I suppose, except with less meat, and a bone to gnaw on. A sort of fun food?

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